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This post was inspired by one of my teachers, Keith Motes at the Shaking Medicine Foundation. Shaking Medicine is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing neurogenic therapeutic tremoring, an innate regulation mechanism inside us all that can be safely accessed, and empowering people worldwide with this hidden inner gift. In 2023, I will be offering and facilitating Shaking Medicine journeys, so stay tuned! 🙂

Oftentimes in life, we can may feel lost – the feeling of not knowing if we are we should be where we are in life. We may feel that we are powerless. We may feel all four corners have closed in on us.

We’ve all gone through these times, questioning why we were born on this place called Earth. Why did it have to happen now? Why did it have to happen to me?

You are more than who you think you are. You came here to journey, to find yourself, to love yourself, and to grow as a Spirit whilst in a human body. Prior to setting in your mother’s womb, you had agreed to come here – with knowledge of what you were signing yourself up for.

Life can sometimes seem tough and tireless with no sight in end. One of the many keys you were given after you left your mother’s womb was the key of free will. With free will, we have been given the opportunity to change things in our lives that don’t work for us. Through our daily lives over time, we may deeply experience the things that don’t work out for us – but we still keep ourselves in those situations. Free will is within us all. It is up to us whether we want to make changes in our lives.

Through our journeys, there may be times when we finally realize something is not serving us. However we may be deep in the knees in this phenomenon that doesn’t seem to serve us. One example of such may be imbalances in our gut due to eating too many processed foods. We may have eaten processed foods for 20+ years. This example was me. Upon realization, we want to immediately undo the damages which have been done to our body. We want the damages gone and reversed immediately. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. To heal ourselves, it takes time.

To heal ourselves, it also takes faith. Faith in the Divine, in God, or whomever you align to. Faith – knowing that you shall be healed and your deep desire is heard. We may often think we lack certain qualities or we are not good enough either. Faith is deeply innerstanding that you are whole and you do not lack anything. Faith is innerstanding also that you were made perfect the way you are.

When we believe we are not whole, this distorts our view of ourselves. Many souls here – including myself – have thought before that they were not whole. From my personal experience this led me to lack self-love and selling myself short.

All the challenges we face in our lives are learning opportunities – learning opportunities to assist us to grow. When we look at past years in hindsight, we can often see the positive changes we’ve made in our lives. You are loved – and you are not alone here. You are being guided divinely throughout every step of your life, without you even knowing. Sometimes people come in to your life when you need them. At other times, things just align for you in life. That is work of the universe. While comparing our current point in life to our past years in hindsight, you may find it difficult to see that you are a better version of your older self. You, my friend, are just going through a metamorphosing experience. A metamorphosing experience, where coal turns into diamonds under extreme force and pressure. Through times of darkness in our lives, the light on the other side is much greater than the all darkness you’ve gone through. You were made for this. Your Spirit is indestructible.

At moments of reflection or pause in our life, those are golden opportunities where a lot of our insight can come in. Moments where remember the past and are grateful our bodies and Spirit have gone through those times to bring us to where we are today. Life is never stagnant. We are always changing microcosmically.

As we work through our challenges, we can begin to open ourselves to our inner essence which was always there. This inner essence is part of the broader universe – something beyond the physical and something that pervades the physicality of our body. We then finally innerstand why we went through the pains, the challenges, the sweat, everything.

What shall always be a mystery is tomorrow. What shall the future hold? What do you want? Tell the universe what you intend and your wish shall be yours.

Until then, try to always enjoy the present – or find time to try to enjoy yourself in the present. That might be taking a casual stroll in nature, soaking in the bathtub, and sitting by a tree and enjoying the surroundings. Staying in the present allows us to connect even further with our bodies and Spirit, and begin to discover our inner essence and the mini-miracles and mini-gifts that are showered within our daily living lives here in a human body.

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