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A New Year: A Brand New Slate

A new year is akin to a new day for me. A new day means a brand new slate. A slate full of every option and direction you move in. A slate with your full choice to choose what you want to do.

Moments before I logged into my blog today to type this post, I saw a squirrel running outside on a wooden fence in whichever direction he wanted to go in, while making whatever footprints in the snow wherever he wanted to. This, my friends, is free will. The free will to direct our human vehicle what we want it to do. Free will is taking back the steering wheel we previously surrendered unknowingly to the passenger in the car. Free will is owning the driver key to the car and sitting in the driver’s seat and now consciously deciding where you want to drive the vehicle. This, along with a brand new daily slate, is power we’ve all been granted to in our lives the whole time by God.

We’ve always had the choice to choose how to lead our lives here but we’ve always had to let another person decide for us. We are consciousness and consciousness is energy. We are not our human bodies. We may be attached to our human bodies and that is the illusion. The illusion is that we are stuck to our human bodies and that we do not have free will. Free will is the choice we have every second of our life here to decide what we want to do…what to eat, how to walk, how to spend our time, when to sleep, etc.

Oftentimes in our lives, we are given labels and instinctively we attach ourselves to those labels. Free will, just like consciousness, has no boundaries. Labels only cause us to think that our abilities are limited in nature – that we do not have free will. In 2019 it was chaotic for me at work and the work environment I was in was not conducive to my well-being. 2019 was a pivotal year for me as it was the onset of one of the larger spiritual awakenings during this lifetime so far. I turned to outside sources for help and to cope with what I was feeling and what I was going through at work. I’ve had very mild depression going on for many years even before 2019. However 2019 was when the depression became moderate in nature. It was all self-diagnosed as well with the assistance of a depression test. I eventually allowed the diagnosis of the symptoms I was feeling become my label. This eventually shackled bits of myself to a label and I did not feel free. This is the feeling or state that a lot of us actually are in today but we just do not know or we deny to acknowledge it – that we do not own steering wheel. We allow other’s opinions to dictate our value or our life path and we discard our own intuitions and discernment. We discard our own inherent values granted to us by God. Then we feel worthless and helpless. This is not just for labels of depression, but many others including our nature of profession, any physical symptoms we are going through, the diagnosis we’ve been given, and more. We are unbounded consciousness; we are not labels, we are not limitations. The slate is yours and has been, but you’ve just handed it away unknowingly, so take it back when you are ready.

In our lives as you can probably attest to as well, pain is one of the best teachers. Pain through the loss of money, pain through the loss of a job, pain through the loss of a person or item…this pain was always for us. It might not have appeared at the time that the pain was for us at the time and that it was against us – but it is only with time that we understand that the event where the pain set in us, it was for us. A lot of things on our journeys here make sense in hindsight. Oftentimes we might not understand why certain things happened the way they were until after the fact. Everything happens for a reason. We’ve always been guided by God and our Angels and we will continue to be, so there is nothing to fear. Just because we cannot see God or our Angels it doesn’t mean that they are not there. Everything is energy so we might just be the ones that are not ready to see how they interact with us.

As we progress on our different, unique journeys here, we also heal what needs to be healed – what we never had a chance to heal before or what we could not heal because we were not ready. We start to see things differently albeit we are in the same place. We might have the same job or live in the same place but the experience we experience is different. New sights, new meanings – it is all but an expansion in consciousness. At our true nature, we are unlimited and unbounded consciousness. Through living in this human vehicle we have forgotten who we are and through our journeys we have blocked ourselves from receiving and expanding our consciousness. This is why healing oneself is so important. Self-love is important. Self-love is not being selfish. Self-love is what is required to heal and return ourselves to our true self, our true nature of unconditional love. Many of us on this Earth have forgotten to love and take care of ourselves. By healing ourselves, we can heal others on this Earthen realm better and we make a greater impact. Healing oneself is a sacred journey and it cannot be taught but only experienced by oneself. By setting an intention for healing whatever areas in your life that you would like healed is the first step to healing. Everything else will fall into place for you. Be grateful though, it is only with free will that we can be the active participant to heal ourselves.

May 2022 be a year full of healing for you, a year full of letting go what needs to be, a year full of growth, a year full of allowing whatever needs to be expressed healthily for our healing to be expressed rather than suppressed, and a year full of good health. Oftentimes in our lives we may think that we are not growing spiritually but the truth is we are growing. With time we mature spiritually and if we were to compare our current journey to the journeys we had in the past lifetimes, I’m sure you will see that you are in an advantageous position right now. So go now and use your free will beautiful Soul, go! 😊

Now jump in that driver seat and enjoy your ride until we meet next time! ❤❤❤

– Dan



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