Taking care of the human vehicle

Just like a car, it’s important that we love our human vehicle and provide it with love. One may know this as self-love or self-care. In society, we may have been taught to only please others, without regard for ourselves. Over time what happens is that we become drained – drained of that vital energy that allows us to create in this Universe. How many of you continue to work when you are not feeling physically well? Your body is telling you that it needs to rest and that it is under the weather with the sniffles but you decide to ignore it and continue to work it like a factory machine. You become more sick after your immune system levels decrease. This has happened to me – numerous times. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

As you may know, everything in this Universe is energy. We are all surrounded by energy. We are energy. Therefore the majority of physical ailments don’t actually begin at the physical level; they begin at the energetic level and then over time, they manifest physically in our bodies. During busy periods in our life, we usually feel stressed and then get physically sick after. I’m sure you all can relate to this. Stress and current-life trauma which has not been healed causes disruptions our energies. With these disruptions, it causes unwanted things to manifest in our physical beings. One of the recipes for getting sick is to be stressed. You may not find this recipe in your recipe books, but I’m sure you can most likely relate to those times when you were not physically well – there was some mental disturbance happening as well.

Just as water flows more easily in a river with no obstructions than a river with a bunch of obstructions and pollution, our body functions better when there are less energetic blockages. One of the reasons why we’re in this upside-down zoo that’s filled with chaos everywhere is to allow us to develop spiritually so that these nuances don’t bother us. Sometimes our triggers are the best gifts. The things that push our buttons in this reality are the things that we should delve deeper and work on. For example, if one of our triggers is when we see a car parked over the designated line, then we would want to understand why we don’t like cars parked over the designated line. Why does it cause us to be angered, etc.? Have any of our parking jobs also been over the designated line? And so forth. Self-awareness and reflection is the first step to helping ourselves and getting to know our true authentic self. Without being aware of ourselves, we cannot heal.

Healing only allows us to return to that undisturbed self and to be united with our Higher Self which is connected to God (or you may refer to God as The Source). Our true authentic selves are currently surrounded by layers of onions which we just need to investigate. Assessing those triggers through journalling and reflecting to see if we need to make adjustments in our behaviour will truly will help make the world a better place starting with ourselves. I had a lovely soul once tell me while I was training her at one of my former jobs that you cannot give love if you do not have it yourself. You would be just giving empty love. The same goes for trying to make the world a better place when we have many layers of onions to peel and process. Only through healing yourself will you be able to give back even more than ever – since love is infinite from The Source. There will never be an “out-of-stock” label on love from God. With ourselves, yes – we’ve experience times when we’ve been depleted or drained of energy because we were not protecting our energies and we were not tapping our energies that’s connected with The Source. Baby steps first though! After we assess and reflect on the triggers and see what behaviours aren’t serving us or aligned to us spiritually, then we can catch them in action and make the conscious change right then and there. Little by little, you’ll notice that life becomes much more beautiful and less stressful. In the example of the parking job trigger – after through the assessment you may find that it was not a worthwhile trigger to have so you decide to let it go. Over time, you’ll find that you’ll have less of these triggers and you’ll be more accepting of what comes – since we cannot control on a grand scale the things that happen. This is what I call surrendering to the flow. In my next post, I will write about surrendering and the importance of surrendering. Surrendering has helped me a lot with my spiritual journey.

Throughout our journeys here in this theme park and through contemplating, we’ll start to understand our true authentic selves more and more, forgive ourselves and others for the past actions, be connected with our Higher Self and The Source. We’ll also start to begin to build our capacities for unconditional love, have a control on our ego, and understand that we’re all just fractals of God. Did you know that there are souls in rocks too? When we all thought we are alone on this journey. No we’re not – and this journey only gets more beautiful. We may not remember our past lives but through our Higher Selves and our past lives, we’ve gotten here for a reason. We’ve been both male and female before and we’ve lived in many other continents in this reality. It is only through spiritual amnesia that we don’t remember. The spiritual amnesia we were all contracted with before coming here to this reality was to help us be spiritually stronger and to allow us to learn through experiences. It would sure be a boring game if we all remembered our spiritual gifts from our past life and used them right now right? Life would probably also seem mundane if we remembered our past experiences. Being able to experience this 3D world through a human vessel is a blessing. Even food is energy and there’s chocolate here. The 3D realm may sometimes seem like it’s doom and gloom like another reality of Hell but it’s also ours to discover too. Be easy on yourself and love yourself – as you’re loved by God.

Below I share some of my favourite ways to love this human vehicle and take care of myself at an energetic level. When times feel chaotic for you and you feel that you need to be grounded, you may find that some of these techniques may work for you too. Be aware that cosmic events can also affect our energies too. I only share these self-care modalities below to help the many beautiful souls out there – yes, you! Let’s make love infectious! 😊

1. Meditation

Depending on how you prefer your meditation, you may want to have soft music in the background or you may want a guided meditation. YouTube and your music library will be your friend. You may want to sit or lie down for your meditation – whatever you feel like.

Below is the script I usually recommend to those new to meditation:

Sit in a comfortable position with your back upright and allow your body to settle down. Breathe through your nose. Close your eyes when you're ready and be aware of your breath. Slowly take a deep breath in through your nose, hold that breath, and then exhale through your mouth, sighing audibly as you let the breath out. Repeat this for a few times. Return to normal breathing and observe your breath. Let any thoughts come in and go. If you notice your mind wandering off, just bring it back and continue to observe your breath.

2. Spending time in nature

Camping, walks in nature, hiking, and soaking in the healing rays from the Sun all fall in this category. Did someone say free Vitamin D? 😊

You can make your time in nature even more beautiful by leaving your worries and being mindful of every step. Observe the beauty in nature in every step you take. Be in awe of the beauty which God created for us to enjoy. Embrace that love that’s waiting to be embraced in nature and observe those small beings climb up the trees, waggle their tails, and fly in the air.

For those looking for a more interactive experience, you may also try gardening! Today, the majority of our food is mass produced and through this we’ve grown less and less of their food at home. This convenience has gotten us to turn away from one of the things that help us connect with The Source or God. Within a seed, there’s so much potential. There’s life within that seed and it bears fruit. You might even end up talking to your own plants throughout the process! (Don’t worry, I have too!) From personal experience, gardening teaches us a lot and helps us connect with God since growing food from a seed is just a miracle! The care and love to give to your plant affects its well-being and in turn, its growth potential. It still amazes me to this day how seeds work!

3. Sound healing

As we are all energy, sound is energy too. Sound has the ability to heal us. With sound healing, you can create the sound yourself or have someone create the sound for you.

To create the sound yourself, you can use singing bowls. If you do not have singing bowls, one on-demand (and free!) sound healing technique is to sound the “mmm” sound in your throat with your mouth closed. It will sound like a buzzing bee. Close your eyes, relax the shoulders, and make the “mmm” buzzing bee sound. When you run out of breath, then inhale from your nose and repeat the buzzing bee sound again. You may repeat this for a few minutes. You should notice a difference after.

From time to time, I will listen to music from instruments with the A note tuned to 432 hz. The majority of music including those in movies have their A note tuned are tuned to a higher frequency – 440 hz. Surprisingly when I listen to 432 hz I feel much better too. Studies have also found 432 hz beneficial as well:

  • For those going through dental extraction, 15 mins of exposure to music where A=432 hz “significantly decreased clinical anxiety levels” and “was effective in decreasing salivary cortisol levels before tooth extraction” (source)
  • Patients with spinal cord injuries experienced significant improvement in sleep after listening to music that was tuned to 432 hz (source)

4. Shaking it off!

Yes, I literally mean shaking it off! A few years ago, I discovered TRE, also known as Trauma Release Exercises. How does shaking have to do with TRE? You shake! Trauma is stored within our body which is why I’m a big advocate for healing that unhealed trauma. Unhealed trauma causes disruptions in energy flow. The majority of trauma is stored within our psoas muscle – yes, that red muscle below. It’s no coincidence how alternative practitioners have said that the gut stores deep-seated issues too! Now imagine that red muscle having lots of tension from past unhealed trauma. Since it sits with the pelvis, your hips, and lower back, you can only imagine how unhealed trauma can affect other parts of the body not mentioned – stemming first from the psoas muscle.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Shaking to get rid of trauma from the body may seem quite strange but animals do it. Zebras and other animals dissipate stress after suffering trauma by literally shaking it off through tremoring! There’s no pharmaceuticals in wildlife! Shaking is how they allow their bodies to return to homeostasis, the natural balance, to the body and mind after experiencing trauma. Shaking is an innate ability in all of us but it just has been suppressed.

TRE is also used by former military, Marine, and Navy members to help them recover from their PTSD after their service experience. For those interested in shaking (within the privacy of their own homes heehee!), here are two videos I usually recommend to individuals looking to heal their trauma. In regards to the time length of how long to shake, see what works for you. You may find one hour too short so you may lengthen it. You may also find one hour too overwhelming so listen to your body and do what it tells you it wants. At some times you may recall the trauma of the body which you are healing (due to the excessive shaking or movement in that area) and you may find it useful to have a close friend or your spouse close by if you require someone to check in with you during the TRE process. For others, they may find they do not need someone close by during the process. Always remember it’s always better to let it out than keep it in – the same goes for parasites! They look nasty but it’s better we let them out of our systems than let them stay in! And always do only so much that you are capable of without overwhelming your body – your intuition will tell you.

This video details the full TRE process, including all the brief exercises you do to trigger the tremoring.
This video gives a great overview on TRE and also includes simplified exercises for those running short on time. Choose the exercises which work for you!

5. Abdominal breathing

Another one of my favourite healing modalities (and sleep inducer!) is abdominal breathing. Since it’s a good sleep inducer, you can also do this when you are in your bed and ready to sleep!

To begin with abdominal breathing, you will want to lie down on your back if you are not already. Have your arms by the side of the body and the legs together. Bring your right hand on belly. Bring your heels toward to your buttocks, bending your legs at your knees. Have the knees touch each other and adjust your feet so they are in a comfortable position. Now close your eyes.

Concentrate your breath on your abdominal region. You can imagine a balloon being inflated on your belly every time you breathe in and this balloon being deflated every time you breathe out. Breathe comfortably and effortlessly, without moving your chest or upper body. Allow whatever tension to let go and continue to concentrate your breath on your abdominal region. You may also want to slow down your in and out breath to prolong each breath. If you are doing this exercise outside of your sleeping schedule, check with your body to see how it feels after.

6. Calming food

Amongst the numerous healing modalities, there’s foods that help us heal. Yes, I might have recently purchased a can of raw cocoa to make myself some hot cocoa at times. Ever since I’ve been lactose intolerant which has been about 10 or years, I’ve turned away from hot chocolate since there’s usually milk in there. When I tried warm cocoa with honey recently – oh what a God-send that was!! I’ll be enjoying that once every so often. God gave us these things while in this upside-down reality so why not enjoy them and soak in those feel-good endorphins? Obviously in moderation – I can’t have hot cocoa for all my meals! Heehee!

Okay by calming foods, I really meant holy basil and ashwagandha.

Holy basil is also known as tulsi. It ain’t the ordinary basil you put in your spaghetti sauce – it’s a different basil that’s used in ayurveda. In ayurveda, it’s a herb that’s used for many therapeutic uses, ranging from balancing ones blood sugar to being an anti-inflammatory. Holy basil is however a great spirit-nourishing plant and helps us to ground and centre ourselves when we find ourselves stressed or anxious. If you’re on any blood thinners, I would advise against taking holy basil.

To take holy basil, I usually take a teaspoon of holy basil and brew it in hot water and drink it. You will know how much water to use after tasting it the first time. It has a lovely earthy and minty-like taste. If you’d like to find out more about holy basil, here are some great resources: here and here (a great website by the way for natural cures for those interested).

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng, is another great stress-reliever and helps calm ones anxiety. It also helps increase ones memory and cognition. Ashwagandha tastes like ginseng. When I take it, I take 1/2 teaspoon and brew it with hot water. Feel free to use more or less according to your taste. For more information on ashwagandha, you may find it here.

And there’s stuff like Chaga tea which I have yet to try. Chaga is a slow growing, non-toxic mushroom (i.e. fungus) found on birch trees filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants. In Siberia, you won’t find them drinking coffee daily – you’ll find them drinking Chaga! Now there are ways to consume the Chaga, but the easiest is preparing tea with it. However it does require a long brew – think hours, not minutes. Here’s where your slow-cooker will be handy! Set that slow-cooker on for 8 hours and that long brew will help break down some of the molecules which will then allow the release of biologically active chemicals useful for your body. Once the brew is done, you can enjoy the tea – it’s supposed to have an earthy taste with hints of vanilla. Let the remainder of the tea cool down and then store it in the fridge for up to a week. Here‘s just one of the many available resources available on Chaga. Drop me a note if you do end up making some Chaga tea! I’d love to hear from you how you found its taste!

I hope this post helps all you lovely souls! A lot of times we think we are alone in our journeys especially when times get grim but remember you’re never alone! We came to this reality for a reason – but we don’t remember due to our spiritual amnesia. We are always being guided by our Higher Self and angels and spiritual guides – even if we have never noticed. That’s only how you got to where you are today – through all those tough challenges you’ve gone through your life! We never went through our challenges alone – we had outside help – both visible and invisible! Those synchronicities you’re experiencing or those numbers that keep repeating – that’s just the Higher Self and your angels trying to get your attention!

Feel free to experiment with the modalities listed above – you’ll find what will work for you for your journey. Wishing you all much success and sending you all lots of love!




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